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Consumer Classroom est un portail Internet financé par l'UE qui met à la disposition des enseignants européens des ressources pédagogiques en matière d'éducation à la consommation.
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Auteur:BBC Format:Lien Internet
The CBBC newsround website provides news based lesson ideas covering a huge amount of different topics across PSHE, Citizenship and Literacy.
Auteur:Npower Format:Lien Internet
Climate Cops provides teaching tools that are all mapped to the Curriculum for England, Wales and Scotland, the resources provide the learning tools to help deliver fun and engaging lessons on energy, energy efficiency and climate change for 11-14 year olds
Auteur:Tarbijakaitseamet Format:Lien Internet
Here you will find six project ideas: "We can handle healthily and sustainably", "We can handle amusing and great party", "We can handle a nice hike in Estonian nature", "We can handle a cozy kitchen fitting", "We can handle the national evening " and "We can handle the creation of the ad!
Auteur:MTÜ Mondo maailmaharidus- ja koolituskeskus Format:Lien Internet
The whole trade is not fair. Payment that small farmers receive for the work is often so small that it does not even cover the cost of production and can not guarantee the people's livelihood. The largest portion of the profits get dealers and distributors.
Auteur:Balti Keskkonnafoorum Format:Lien Internet
The term “hazardous chemicals” refers to substances which could cause harm to human health and environment. Some chemicals may cause acute hazards to humans, e.g. be toxic (poisonous), cause allergies or irritate the skin. Others may have negative impact in the long run, e.g. may cause or promote the development of cancer, fertility problems, damage immune system.
Auteur:European Commission Format:Lien Internet
Three bags, one bucket and one bin … one team, united around one goal: to stop the waste of waste. The Awakeners teach us how to be sustainable. For theoretical background you can also find consumption guide.
Auteur:Lenka Muzickova Format:.pdf
Auteur:EkoSkola Malta - Bernard Grixti Format:Lien Internet
This is a video highlighting the need for eco-friendly shopping at Christmas-time.
Auteur:NHS -- DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, UK Format:Lien Internet
This interactive activity introduces basic guidance for barbecue safety.
Auteur:Dr Antonia Matalas Format:Lien Internet,.pdf
The website provides educational materials on sustainable consumtion, consumer behaviour.
Auteur:Konsumentverket (Swedish Consumer Agency), Finansinspektionen (The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority), Folkuniversitetet Format:Lien Internet
Ekonomismart is a whole concept that deals with the basics of consumer right, the basics of economy and sustainable consumption.
Auteur:CDETB Format:Lien Internet
This ebook consists of a collection of research papers, philosophical refelctions, case studies, teacher resources, illustrated stories and photographs related to the theme of the book: Education for Sustainable Consumption
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