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Description of ISP 13-th October
End Date: 15/10/2014 Languages: EN Ages: 13 Status: Open
Description of ISP 28 august
End Date: 29/08/2014 Languages: BE Ages: 13, 14 Status: Open
Test ISP 29 august 2014
End Date: 29/08/2014 Languages: EN Ages: 14, 15 Status: Close
El lenguaje y las buenas prácticas periodísticas para realizar programas de radio en nuestro colegio e instituto. Todas las Edades y meses. Divertido.
End Date: 12/12/2014 Languages: Ages: 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 Status: Open
Create your own radio spot in order to inform people about the overfishing and the sustainable fish "Eat, Buy and Sell Sustainable fish"
End Date: 20/06/2014 Languages: Ages: 12, 13 Status: Open
The Project aims to implement an empowerment on "Mastery of Italian Language", disseminating, by creative writing, social messages printed on t-shirt.
End Date: 30/06/2015 Languages: Ages: 16, 17, 18 Status: Open
Uma compra: o que é, como é....
End Date: 15/04/2014 Languages: PT-PT Ages: 14 Status: Close
Pros e contras... uma visão animada.
End Date: 15/04/2014 Languages: PT-PT Ages: 13, 14 Status: Close
byuing online
End Date: 15/04/2014 Languages: PT-PT Ages: 14 Status: Close
We'll present advantages and disadvantages of online shopping It will emphasize security.
End Date: 04/02/2014 Languages: EN Ages: 15, 16, 17, 18 Status: Open
This project is a short tutorial about what we should take under consideration while buying things on the internet.
End Date: 02/04/2014 Languages: Ages: 16, 17, 18 Status: Open
The video emphasizes the significance of actions that should be done to have a successful experience while ordering items from online stores.
End Date: 01/04/2014 Languages: EN, LV Ages: 16, 17, 18 Status: Close


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