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Rāda 1-12 no 204 rezultātiem
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Autors:Ruben Jans Formāts:Tīmekļa saite,.pdf
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Autors:Fundacja Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej Formāts:Tīmekļa saite,.pdf
"Kupujemy w internecie" is a lesson scenario with interactive comic book focusing on consumer rights in the internet shopping
Autors:IEFP Formāts:Tīmekļa saite
www.lafinancepourtous.com is a free and independent site for all those who wish to get acquainted with the questions of money
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Portal concentrates information about public revenues and expenditures and helps to make a complex view of how the government spends public money and how the figures change in time.
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This is a magazine style resource which will enable students to learn about the global debt crisis.
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Interactive presentation about coins and banknotes.
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Collection of e-learning lesson on various issues of financial literacy.
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The theme is Consuming and the teaching subject is Economy. You learn there are different kinds of incomes and expenses. You will learn how to manage your budget. You will look what factors will influence the buyer's behavior. You learn the different functions of money and what the impact is on the environment.
Autors: Formāts:.doc / .docx
Trading in the financial markets is lively both in terms of the number of participants and investments traded. As sales and purchases always require at least two parties, the seller and the buyer, it is logical that the return of one represents the loss of another. With active monitoring of invested assets and knowledge of possible investments one can avoid potential losses.
Autors: Formāts:Tīmekļa saite,.doc / .docx
Lesson plan includes work in the legal texts, worksheets, case studies, debates, dilemmas
Autors:Consumer Protection Boad Formāts:Tīmekļa saite
This webpage includes the experiences and opinions of young people, advices from Consumer Protection Board and teaching materials for teachers.
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