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Author:Diane van Bruggen Format:Weblink
The students learn about the rights of consumers and give each other information.
Author:Göteborgs stad (City of Gothenburg) Format:Weblink
PANK teaches the students their consumer rights in a slightly different way.
Author:QCDA Resources Format:Weblink
Website provides various materials on consumer law, consumer rights, making consumer choices, tourism.
Author:Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung Format:Weblink
The resource "Mobiliät und Umwelt" aimed at students between 15 - 18. It invites them to critically reflect on their own mobility and consumer behavior and offers information and ready to usw sheets for the classroom.
Author:Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung Format:Weblink
"Facebook - mit Chancen und Risiken bewusst umgehen" is a lesson plan to develop media literacy for students between 12 and 15.
Author:Verein Schuldnerhilfe Essen e.V.(VSE) Format:Weblink,.pdf
The "Finanzführerschein" is an online tool to develop financial planning skills for students between 13 - 25.
Author:Präventionsnetzwerk Finanzkompetenz e.V. Format:Weblink,.pdf,.doc / .docx
Auszug aus dem Elternhaus - "Endlich eine eigene Wohnung" is a toolkit focusing on financial literacy of young consumers.
Author:Eiropas patērētāju informēšanas centrs Format:Weblink
Online game about consumer rights in the European Union, created by the ECC-Net Latvia.
Author:Sveriges Konsumenter (Swedish Consumers' Association) Format:Weblink
Ingen blåser mig! is a website that helps young people become more aware of their consumer rights and how to live in a more sustainable way.
Author:Association Gong Format:Weblink
The right to information is one of the fundamental rights of consumers. However, the law on the right to access information is not enough to present to the public and is not performed often.
Author:Association B.a.b.e Format:Weblink
Documentary video material showing the relationship of modern man to enviroment.Isto as an example on the Croatian company explains the harmful effects of the economy to the environment and human health.
Author:Ilze Žunde Format:Weblink
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