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What is this website?

The Consumer Classroom website aims to promote consumer education and in particular to encourage its teaching in European secondary schools. It is a multilingual pan European website financed by the European Commission.

The website’s strength lies in the quality of its teacher resources and its collaborative tools such as the Lesson Builder , Forums and Live Chat. It is suitable for teachers of students aged 12-18 but open to anyone willing to contribute. The website has been developed to make it easy for teachers to learn about consumer topics, create or choose ready-made lessons to teach their students and collaborate online with other teachers and classrooms around Europe.

Taking full advantage of the latest web technologies and community based internet usage, Consumer Classroom provides ready-to-use teaching resources on a wide range of consumer education themes, from sustainable and responsible consumption to financial literacy , amongst others.

Consumer Classroom also invites teachers to become part of a dynamic web community of teachers throughout Europe and beyond. It helps them to share with their students, encourages inter-school multi-disciplinary projects and also offers teachers the opportunity to become a consumer education expert on the website.

Consumer Classroom’s ambition is to become the authoritative voice of consumer education online in order to help improve the awareness of teenagers, empowering our future consumers at both a National and European level.

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