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Consumer Classroom е финансиран от ЕК портал за учители от страните от ЕС, който им предоставя ресурси за преподаване на потребителско образование.Прочети повече

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Европейска комисия
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Автор:Nestlé Portugal Формат:Уеб връзка,.swf,.pdf
NESTLÉ institutional portuguese site provides a lot of information and pedagogical activities for teachers about food education issues focused in young people (untill 12 years old) information needs. This site also have pedagogical tools to been use directly by children.
Автор:Stowarzyszenie Edukacji Nieformalnej MERITUM Формат:Уеб връзка
This lesson plan is being implemented in a form of a workshop. Students analyse issues of reasonable consumption and healthy eating. They debate and brainstorm onconsumer choice and CSR. Additional video and materials help students to be more responsible consumers.
Автор:Fundacja Europejski Fundusz Rozwoju Wsi Polskiej Формат:Уеб връзка,.pdf
"Oszczędzanie i inwestowanie" is a comprehensive lesson plan that helps young people to understand issues of savings and investments
Автор:Vartotojų teisių gynimo centras Формат:Уеб връзка
"Šis vadovas yra vienas iš darbų, remiamų Europos projekto “ Mobilumas – europinės pilietybės paradigma”, kuris aprėpia 8 šalių piliečius (Bulgarija, Italija, Lietuva, Portugalija, Rumunija, Serbija, Slovakija ir Ispanija), dėl iššūkių , kuriuos piliečių mobilumas kelia Europos ateičiai: transporto prieinamumas, aplinkos tvarumas ir piliečių/keleivių teisės. Mobilumo problema – tai kasdienis daugelio Europos pilečių interesas bei europinės pilietybės paradigma, kadangi ji liečia daug jos aspektų (bendrą tapatybę transnacionalinio mobilumo dėka, Europos piliečių/keleivių teises ir tt...)"
Автор:Board of online editors of Bundesverband Verbraucherzentralen Формат:Уеб връзка,DVD,.pdf
The German Resources Compass on Consumer Education provides a huge amount of educational resources from Germany and Austria. Thes can be searched by subjec, theme or age group and are all described and rated by experts on consumer education. It comprises also a lot of commercial offers (books, multimedia tools, ...)
Автор:Eettisen kaupan puolesta ry Формат:Уеб връзка
Автор:Peter Daub Формат:.pdf
Автор:Anne-Mai Helemäe Формат:.pdf
Автор:European Commission Формат:Уеб връзка
Автор:World's Largest Lesson Формат:.pdf
This lesson plan was produced as part of the World’s Largest Lesson, a project to help young people learn about the new UN Sustainable Development Goals. It supports teaching about goal 12 - ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns. The resource promotes sustainable living by highlighting the impact we can all have through the ethical consumer choices we can make. This comprehensive resource contains a rich variety of activities, which used together will help raise students’ awareness of sustainable living. It includes case studies and photos which bring the topic to life! The resource highlights the different choices that we as consumers can make – such as the food we eat, the transport we use and the kind of holidays we go on, and provides practical actions students can take to live more sustainably. By providing alternative activities and differentiation suggestions, the resource can be adapted to cater for a range of learning needs.
Автор:ECC BE Формат:.pdf
The resource is an infographic with tips for fans participating in the EURO 2016 football play, is simple and esthetically coherent with the event.
Автор:Nuorisoasuntoliitto Формат:Уеб връзка
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