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Buy The Change! Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

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We can change ourselves. But we cannot change the whole world on our own! More than 80% of our lifestyle depends upon those people who we asked to produce products or deliver services for us based on the division of all labour worldwide. Because of that same division of labour and expertise we can produce much more quality and/or quantity for much lower prices than by doing it ourselves. But of course we have to pay the true price for sustainability of mother earth and true income for those who are our producers. Then only then we can name the worldeconomy an economy of question and answer!

More and more companies and governments worldwide are now following the guidelines ISO 26000 for sustainable production and since this year also ISO 20400 for sustainable trade and true price/income. Working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2015 - 2030.

And the international Triodos Bank for financing sustainability started their new slogan "Buy the Change!" for this summer. Especially meant for all of us as consumers while we are the ones who decide to which farmer, architect, carmaker, teacher or scientist our euro yen or dollar goes for a new round in our everyday purchases and financial decisions. 

To manage our expenses and to have an agenda for the annual meetings of consumer organizations with producers it is most easy to use a houshold booklet and/or agenda based on the 12 necessities of life. And in all dialogues between consumers and producers we can use the 7 aspects of trade: quality quantity price guarantee payment delivery and user guidelines. 

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Triodos Bank / Buy the Change !




Peter Daub 0
Business University Nyenrode. ING Bank, Triodos Bank. 1980-1987 consumer management information research. 1998 publication of the book Consumer freedom and responsibility - towards the 21st century (Dutch). 2001 Founder and chairman Consumer360Academy. Member of the Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living PERL. Member of the International Federation for Home Economics IFHE.
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