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The Winners of the 2017 Inter-School Competition in Brussels to visit the EU Institutions!!

The winners of the 4th edition of the Consumer Classroom Inter-School Competition are in Brussels to visit the EU Institutions.

Our special congratulations to:
- Students and teachers from Gimnazija Vukovar-službena str. škole and Raseinių Prezidento Jono Žemaičio gimnazija for the project " Resource Efficiency in Croatia and Lithuania "
- Students and teachers from Artashat High School in Armenia and I.C. Adele Zara from Mira, Italy, for the project " Energy and the Environment "

For the fourth edition of the Inter-School competition, " Smart Energy Consumers ” was chosen as the theme.

European teachers were invited to involve their students in a fun and exciting project, to think creatively and share their ideas on a range of topics including energy consumption, energy efficiency, climate change, sustainable consumption, sustainable societies, etc. Using the consumer classroom ready-to-use teaching resources and interactive tools, teachers and their students engaged in a unique intercultural educational experience. The competition, open to all secondary schools across the EU, gave the opportunity to the students to share and confront their daily behavior as energy consumers and create the final exercise which was an Online Energy Consumption Tool Kit for Teens.

At the end, 17 projects were submitted by classes from 13 countries, 10 were short-listed by the jury and finally, the 2 projects that won, “ Resource Efficiency in Croatia and Lithuania ” and “ Energy and the Environment ” was selected through an online voting organised on the Consumer Classroom website. The first winning team worked together to create an online website containing the lesson kit with videos, animations, info-graphics regarding similarities and differences in energy consumption in both countries while showing how much money is being wasted. The second winning team prepared an online website containing information on Energy efficiency around a game called “Energy Monopoly”. The game is supported by a questionnaire, an interactive presentation, lesson plans, and posters. The game is based on different moments in real daily-life (e.g. choosing foods and drinks, recycling and sports). The player is invited to think how to save the planet via the sub-themes energetic-label, recycle, etc.