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En esta sección se mostrará la información destacada relativa a la educación del consumidor (noticias, eventos, publicaciones, campañas) con enlaces para acceder a la misma. Se trata de una fuente de varios recursos para el consumidor: noticias sobre la educación del consumidor, información y enlaces a otras campañas relacionadas y eventos patrocinados por la Comisión Europea así como por otras asociaciones de consumidores a nivel mundial.

Stop to cartoon characters on « unhealthy » food

The European Consumer Organisation raised an important issue on advertising and marketing practices done by food companies and focused on children.

Indeed, the BEUC urged food companies to stop using cartoons characters in order to promote food to children. These marketing practices have bad impacts on children consumption behaviors because they are not able to distinguish between advertising and entertainment. Moreover, the BEUC noted that most of these unfair practices are created to promote unhealthy food.  

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byConsumer Classroom03/07/2017

How many smart cities are there in Europe ?

A smart city is a developed urban area that creates sustainable economic development and high quality of life by excelling in multiple key areas: economy, mobility, environment, people, living, and government.

The European Parliament created a very useful and colorful infographic on European Smart Cities.

Have a look here!


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byConsumer Classroom29/06/2017

Retail Excellence Ireland launches a new Trustmark for Irish Retailers.

A new 'Trustmark' which is designed to give online overseas customers confidence that they are buying from legitimate websites has been launched for Irish Retailers.

The European online retail market is estimated to be around €600bn. Retailers in Ireland can face many challenges within this market and the impending impact of Brexit has highlighted these challenges, including that of currency volatility. Research has shown that two-thirds of consumers in the EU prefer to use a web-site backed by a recognised trustmark before completing an international purchase. Retail Ireland is the largest retail industry body in Ireland representing over 1600 retailers. In partnership with eCommerce Europe this body has launched the Irish eCommerce Trustmark. This new initiative should increase consumer confidence by ensuring a safer environment for online shoppers. It will also indicate to consumers that the website from which they are buying goods is compliant with the latest Irish and European legislation and will satisfy any legal audits. The Trustmark initiative also includes an International Handling Procedure available to both consumers and retailers.

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byConsumer Classroom19/06/2017

The DIGCOMP Framework for Consumers is now available in 23 EU languages!

The Digital Competence Framework for Consumers (DigCompConsumers) provides a reference framework to support and improve consumers’ digital competencies. Indeed, consumers are directly impacted by the digital market and are also actors. In order to give consumers all the keys to safely be part of the digital market, the European Commission encourages consumers to  strengthen their digital competencies.

This is a common initiative of DG Justice and Consumers and the Joint Research Centre. 

What is DIGCOMP Framework?

Digital competencies could be defined as key competencies consumers should have to participate safely and with confidence in the digital market.

This framework analyses 14 key competencies gathered into 3 main domains (pre-purchasing phase, purchasing phase and post-purchasing phase) with concrete examples in terms of knowledge, attitudes and skills.

This framework is mainly dedicated to consumer policy makers.

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You can also check on Consumer Classroom website, in which you can find resources on Digital education ( Data protection , Social media and Internet safety , etc)!

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byConsumer Classroom15/06/2017

Data protection, a topic getting more important !

So far, the European Commission note that people do not care enough about protecting their personal data. This diagnostic is mainly explained by the fact that people underestimate the threats linked to personal data.

“Privacy is getting more and more valuable, and it is related to citizens’ trust. This has become a factor in competition between companies. They cannot afford not to secure personal data anymore. I was told so by European as well as American businesses,” Czech Commissioner Jourová said on Friday (5 May).

That’s why, the Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality launched a new data protection framework for European citizens. Thanks to this new framework and new decisions, global companies as Facebook or Google will be obliged to respect and protect personal data sent from Europe across the Atlantic.

You can have more information here and here