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The DIGCOMP Framework for Consumers is now available in 23 EU languages!

The Digital Competence Framework for Consumers (DigCompConsumers) provides a reference framework to support and improve consumers’ digital competencies. Indeed, consumers are directly impacted by the digital market and are also actors. In order to give consumers all the keys to safely be part of the digital market, the European Commission encourages consumers to  strengthen their digital competencies.

This is a common initiative of DG Justice and Consumers and the Joint Research Centre. 

What is DIGCOMP Framework?

Digital competencies could be defined as key competencies consumers should have to participate safely and with confidence in the digital market.

This framework analyses 14 key competencies gathered into 3 main domains (pre-purchasing phase, purchasing phase and post-purchasing phase) with concrete examples in terms of knowledge, attitudes and skills.

This framework is mainly dedicated to consumer policy makers.

For more information, please click here

You can also check on Consumer Classroom website, in which you can find resources on Digital education ( Data protection , Social media and Internet safety , etc)!


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