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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Simple Lesson Builder and the Advanced Lesson Builder?

The Simple Lesson Builder allows you to compile and upload files from your computer or from the extensive library with resources available on Consumer Classroom website. Once your lesson plan is complete you are able to save, publish it on the website or share with your students in the My Class area.


The Advanced Lesson Builder allows you to create complex interactive digital lessons without requiring any programming skills. You can integrate a great variety of resources – texts, images, videos - including ready-to-use digital Learning Kits on consumer topics – and to publish them for further use in your classes. You can also create quizzes and test the knowledge of your students.

How do I use the Simple Lesson Builder?

Watch this tutorial video:

How do I use the Advanced Lesson Builder?

Watch this tutorial video:

How do I create a class?

Go to My Class and click on “Create Class”.

Add your student’s names and email addresses to share messages, lessons and inter-school projects with them.

How do I share my Simple Lessons?

Go to the Simple Lesson Builder.
Click on the cog to the right and select:
Copy & paste the link or email it using the form.
To share it with your students, click on My Class. Select a class, or create a new class by clicking on “Create Class”.
When ready, click “Send”. Your students will be emailed a secure link to the lesson online.

How do I create a user collection?

Go to My Collections in My Tools. Click on “Create Collection”.
Name it and choose resources you have rated, reviewed or added to your favourites.
Or find a resource on the site and click the plus icon to add it to an existing collection you created.

How do I join an Inter-School Project?

Go to Collaborate > Inter-School Projects.
Search for a project. Projects with a green icon are open for applications. Click on a project and hit “request to join”.
Your request will be sent to the creator. You’ll receive an email notification when someone accepts or denies it.

How do I create my own Inter-School Project?

Go to Collaborate > Inter-School Projects
Click on “Create project”.
Want to collaborate with another school? Make sure to select “Yes” at the end of Step 2 and your project will be open for partners to join.

How do I accept / deny requests to join my Inter-School Project?

Click on the cog to the right and select:
Under Pending Collaboration Requests you can click on “decline” or “accept”.

How do I create a Saved Search?

To create a saved search you simply perform a resource search, apply any filters you require and then click on the ‘save search’ button on the left.
All of your saved searches will be accessible here at any time and with one click you can edit or delete them.

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