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Consumer Classroom est un portail Internet financé par l'UE qui met à la disposition des enseignants européens des ressources pédagogiques en matière d'éducation à la consommation.
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Sécurité routière et des transports

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Auteur:Board of online editors of Bundesverband Verbraucherzentralen Format:Lien Internet,DVD,.pdf
The German Resources Compass on Consumer Education provides a huge amount of educational resources from Germany and Austria. Thes can be searched by subjec, theme or age group and are all described and rated by experts on consumer education. It comprises also a lot of commercial offers (books, multimedia tools, ...)
Auteur:FIA Foundation Format:Lien Internet
FIA Foundation is aiming for ‘Safe, Clean, Fair and Green’ mobility for all, playing a part to ensure a sustainable future and to improve air quality and tackle climate change. Website offers great deal of multimedia material focusing on safe journeys to school as a child’s right, education and action to improve road safety. Plenty of instructive videos and publications focusing on road safety, campaigns, fuel efficient, clean transport, building of walkable communities across the world, etc.
Auteur:UN Global Road Safety Collaboration Format:Lien Internet
SaveKidsLives is the worldwide official campaign coordinated by the UN Global Road Safety Collaboration which calls for urgent action to save lives on the roads around the world. Actively asks for demanding action to make the world’s roads safer and to safe kids lives.
Auteur:altroconsumo Format:Lien Internet
Sezione del sito dedicata ai trasporti e ai servizi pubblici. Possibilità di scaricare le pillole informative in pdf. Diversi documenti e articoli legati ai trasporti con approfondimenti sul tema. Possibilità di scaricare le pillole informative in pfd.
Auteur:Altroconsumo Format:.pdf
Guida per aiutare a risolvere inconvenienti legati ai viaggi con focus sui diritti del turista Documento redatto in italiano ed inglese che prevede per ogni mezzo di trasporto l'indicazione dei diritti del viaggiatore e informazioni pratiche su come risolvere le problematiche.
Auteur:Liikenneturva Format:Lien Internet
Auteur:RACC Format:Lien Internet
RACC Educa is a virtual environment of the Foundation of the Royal Automobile Club of Cstaluña to understand what are the most important aspects of mobility
Auteur:VšĮ Aplinkosaugos valdymo ir technologijų centras Format:Lien Internet
Žaidimas „Eismo gyvatėlė“ – tai kampanija, skatinanti vaikus eiti į mokyklą pėsčiomis ar važiuoti dviračiais. Žaidimo tikslinė grupė – vaikai ir jų tėvai. Kampaniją sudaro paprastai ir lengvai žaidžiamas žaidimas. Žaidimo metu kiekviena dalyvaujanti mokykla bus skatinama organizuoti ir kitas veiklas, pvz. pateikti vaikams informaciją apie transporto eismą ir mobilumą, aplinkosaugos ir sveikatos temas. Siekiant perteikti gerąją patirtį į kitas Europos Sąjungos šalis, buvo sukurtas žaidimo tinklas, kurį šiuo metu sudaro aštuoniolika Nacionalinių centrų aštuoniolikoje Europos Sąjungos šalių.
Auteur:Škola mladých záchranárov Format:Lien Internet
This e-learning application presents the paramedic issues especially for the children and students.
Auteur:European Union Format:Lien Internet
A European project about road safety is full of fascinating facts across European borders.
Auteur:Rådet for Sikker Trafik - Gitte Aagaard Format:Lien Internet
The material challenges students' views on responsibility and friendship and being able to balance between road safety and adolescence. An underlying theme of crossroads is about exclusion and inclusion. The material is a good opportunity to highlight how these concepts can affect life and death.
Auteur:Rådet for Sikker Trafik - Gitte Aagaard Format:Lien Internet
360 ˚ is an involving, digital learning tool about a real traffic accident in which a young man in 2005 lost his leg. The material illustrates the traffic accident from several different angles. You can see both the situation from the victim, his relatives and rescue workers points of view.
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