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Consumer Classroom è un portale finanziato dall'UE creato per fornire risorse per l'insegnamento dell'Educazione al consumo agli insegnanti dell'UE.Per saperne di più

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Autore: Formato:.pdf
Hier handelt es sich um Arbeitsblätter zum Datenschutz für 8-15 jährige Schüler. Diese Arbeitsblätter bestehen aus zwei Teilen. Sie können nach Registrierung auf der Verlagsseite heruntergeladen werden und sind auch als PDF im Netz auffindbar. Sie enthalten Diskussionsfragen und Informationsseiten über Datenweitergabe im Internet.
Autore:Bundesministerium für Umwelt,
 Naturschutz, Bau und Reaktorsicherheit (BMUB) Formato:Link internet
Die Schüler/-innen reflektieren anhand von Leih-, Tausch- und Schenkprojekten ihre eigenen Konsumbedürfnisse. Sie diskutieren, welche Konsumgüter aus ihrem eigenen Besitz sich zum Tauschen und Leihen eignen und gehen der Frage nach, was die "Shareconomy" zur Lösung von Umweltproblemen beitragen kann.
Autore:SM Conectados Formato:Link internet
.Este recurso propone un taller en el que incluyen tres actividades con arreglo a los siguintes objetivos: análisis de algunas plataformas de consumo colaborativo; reflexiones y conclusiones sobre el consumo colaborativo; generación de ideas posibles basadas en el consumo colaborativo. La metodología utilizada facilita la implicación de los alumnos así como la orientación conceptual y metodológica por parte de los profesores.
Autore:Nestlé Portugal Formato:Link internet,.swf,.pdf
NESTLÉ institutional portuguese site provides a lot of information and pedagogical activities for teachers about food education issues focused in young people (untill 12 years old) information needs. This site also have pedagogical tools to been use directly by children.
Autore:Energikontor Sydost AB Formato:Link internet
Regional government website on renewable energy and climate change. Energy Office SouthEast is working on renewable energy and energy efficiency for a smaller carbon footprint and sustainable regional development. We are a non-profit interests working for a sustainable energy system in collaboration with both private operators and owners; municipal, county and regional unions in the southeast. We support owners in their strategic and concrete climate and energy work so that local and regional targets can be reached. Our business is mainly financed by funds from the Swedish authorities and the EU.
Autore:forbrukerrådet Formato:Link internet
Norwegian Consumer Council website outlining consumer choice and consumer studies. The Consumer Council is an independent organization that assists consumers and influence government and business in a consumer-friendly retning.Forbrukerrådet is federally funded, but unattached politically from the parent ministry (Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion) with special powers, its own board and its own statutes established by royal Decree.
Autore:forbrugerombudet Formato:Link internet
Norwegian Consumer authority website outlining all aspects of consumer rights and related CSPE. It advises consumers about their rights when purchasing goods or services.Ombudsman should, out of respect to consumers, oversee that the trader's marketing and standard contractual terms comply with the Marketing Control Act.
Autore:regjeringen Formato:Link internet
Government of Norway website on CSPE and renewble energy and climate change. Climate and Environment Ministry has primary responsibility for safeguarding the integrity of the Government's climate and environmental policy
Autore:Miljø-og Fødevareministeriet Formato:Link internet
Ministerial website on Circular Economy, Civic, Social and Political Education. The linear use-and-throw-away economy works only with a continuous supply of cheap resources. In addition, a growing middle class will mean increased global demand and an increase in the consumption of resources. This development is questioning whether the current linear economy also is the best solution in the future. Circular economy builds on sustainable solutions.
Autore:European Commission Formato:Link internet
Worksheets for classroom teaching prepared for the EU Digital Single Market. During the Danish EU Presidency in the first half of 2012, the government will work to strengthen the EU single market by putting special emphasis on the development of a digital single market.
Autore:Generalitat Valenciana Formato:.pdf
Simple experiments in the classroom to work various aspects of climate change in schools in Generalitat Valenciana
Autore:Greenpeace -IDEA Formato:.pdf
Worksheet prepared by the Institute for Diversity and Energy Saving and Greenpeace
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