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eFinLit project: Take a look!!

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In the current times of economic turbulence and market shortcoming, where the majority of EU citizens are struggling to manage the financial challenges they face, a real life need for the development of their financial literacy competencies has been identified.

The eFinLit project (Developing Financial Competencies for EU Citizens Utilizing Online Learning and Digital Literacy) aims to promote directly and indirectly the digital numeracy, language, reading, collaboration and communication skills of financial disadvantaged young EU adults (18-35).


The overall objectives of the eFinLit build on the priorities of the Policy Priorities of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships, 2014, for adults. The specific objectives of the project are:

  • Identify and address specific needs of EU citizens in financial literacy
  • Utilize ICT tools and digital literacy to improve EU citizens’ competencies in dealing with financial issues
  • Develop a partnership model of a wide range of expert organizations in the fields of training, online learning and literacies
  • Address the challenges of financial management generated by the current economic transformations taking place in EU
  • Meet the basic objectives of EU 2020 strategy such as social cohesion through digital literacy
Begoña Arenas Romero 0
I was born in Granada (ES) in 1971. I took a degree in Law at the University of Granada and have followed specialized courses at the University of Michigan (USA) and Universita degli Studi di Siena (IT). I have been working as Project manager, project co-coordinator or researcher in the following areas: Innovation in elearning and collaborative learning approaches; mentoring and blended mentoring for social empowerment and entrepreneurship; Innovation in career guidance and use of ICT; regional innovation and Lifelong Learning policies; financial education; co-ordination and follow up of transnational activities in the frame of different regional, national and community programmes (Leonardo, Grundtvig, DG E&SA...etc). I have been production director since 2010 in a private reserach company and have been appointed to evaluate EU projects at the European Commission DG EaC. I am also a trainer on the post-graduate expert course to support entrepreneurs of the University of Zaragoza and am CPD traner for the University of Valencia staff.
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