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Economy360 - Toolkit for Lifelong Learning

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Economy360 shows the world through the eyes of the consumer and his/her twelve necessities of life. Part 1 - 3 are basic (Information - Arguments - Actions). But this perspective can also give a view on all possible relations and interactions between all human actvities and the more complex issues. See for example Part 5 (Outlook 2015 - 2025). By arranging all our information, notes and financial notes based on these daily needs we can create a personal toolkit for lifelong learning which can also be of great help for all kinds of discussions and further studies.

A very interesting project about interrelations was the thinktank Our Common Future 2.0 This was a project for writing the book Sustainable Thinking Acting (ISBN 978-9013111200) about the follow up for the next 25 years of the United Nations Brundtland Report for Sustainable Development. It was organized in 2012 by Professor Jan Jonker and 400 students as co-writers during three months throughout the Netherlands in twenty groups of different themes. He also wrote the bestselling book about theory and best practices in a circular economy: New Business Models (ISBN 978-9462200869 Dutch).  And in a TEDx keynote speech this year he explained with great enthousiasm how for instance all kinds of local currencies can give us opportunities for new ways in thinking about hybrid bookkeeping and banking for the sake of sustainability in a circular economy!


Economy360 - An Introduction to Consumer Governance

Circular Economy / WEconomy / Hybrid Banking



Peter Daub 0
Business University Nyenrode. ING Bank, Triodos Bank. 1980-1987 consumer management information research. 1998 publication of the book Consumer freedom and responsibility - towards the 21st century (Dutch). 2001 Founder and chairman Consumer360Academy. Member of the Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living PERL. Member of the International Federation for Home Economics IFHE.
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