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On line teaching

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Since the early 1980s, I am been closely involved in dozens of major development in computing technology and my insights have been a great guide to the future of technology innovations and their impact on teach, society and individuals Now I'm a teacher and master of inclusive education and rehabilitation. I have over 30 years of experience in the Croatian education system on the teacher's classroom teaching jobs-class teacher and Head of the extended professional treatment. I was working plans and programs for students with learning disabilities and students with disabilities. I approached each student individualized. At the same time I am for a class and had regularly, and Custom and Special Program. Also- Since the early 1990s - at the School of Special Education, I met with the methodology of teaching people with special needs. 90s I used the computer as a teaching tool and an aid in the school where I worked. In early 2000, in the educational system, I ended up Pilot Project Virtual School and received special recognition Croatian Association for Technical Culture. From then until the year 2014. develop online learning and doing innovation in the education system.
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