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Rāda 1-12 no 23 rezultātiem
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12 rezultāti
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Autors:Greenpeace Formāts:Tīmekļa saite
Met de app Questionmark scan je hoe duurzaam producten zijn voor milieu, dierenwelzijn, mensenrechten of (volks)gezondheid. De opdracht met de app Questionmark is onderdeel van de digibordlessen ‘Tijd voor Duurzaam’. Dit lesmateriaal is ontwikkeld voor klas 1 t/m 3 van het vmbo, havo en vwo. Het gebruik van de app stimuleert het onderzoekend leren.
Autors:FCCA Formāts:Tīmekļa saite
Purpose of this resource is to get familiar with the process of one line purchasing. The teacher can use the path of purchase and steps presented in teachers back ground material. The idea is get pupils to reflect their own purchasing paths. They learn to thing who is the contact partner in each purchase in operating environment of platform economy, circulation economy, sharing economy and collaborative economy. In mean while pupils are getting aware of their personal data and how to protect it. Resource contains activities like lesson plans, Online videos, phenomena based activities. The tasks presented in this material are ideas or suggestions for the teacher. Purpose is that teachers could implement these tasks into their own lessons. Pupils are supposed work in groups. They choose a product, service or content and by researching and practicing according to the tasks they get familiar with the purchasing process and crucial parts of it from consumers point of view.
Autors:Board of online editors of Bundesverband Verbraucherzentralen Formāts:Tīmekļa saite,DVD,.pdf
The German Resources Compass on Consumer Education provides a huge amount of educational resources from Germany and Austria. Thes can be searched by subjec, theme or age group and are all described and rated by experts on consumer education. It comprises also a lot of commercial offers (books, multimedia tools, ...)
Autors:Taina Mäntylä (KKV) Formāts:Tīmekļa saite
Autors:Mediakasvatusseura Formāts:Tīmekļa saite
Autors:marioara micle Formāts:.doc / .docx,.pdf
Autors:SCHNITTSTELLE / THURN FILM Formāts:Tīmekļa saite
Autors:European Commission Formāts:Tīmekļa saite
Informational web-site to improve consumers' knowledge on the rights for protection they have against unfair practices.
Autors:European Commission funded material Formāts:.pdf,.doc / .docx,.zip
Is proposed a lesson plan about Socially Responsible Investment Funds.
Autors:Hessische Landesanstalt für privaten Rundfunk und neue Medien (LPR Hessen) Formāts:Tīmekļa saite,DVD,.doc / .docx
In how far does the growing consumption of computer games influence personality? Do these games lead to more aggressive behaviour?
Autors:Board of online editors of Bundesverband Verbraucherzentralen Formāts:Tīmekļa saite,DVD,.pdf
Find here the appropriate educational resources - rated by our team of experts.
Autors:Forum Umweltbildung Formāts:Tīmekļa saite,.pdf
I buy therefore I am! Hmm?!? Do I always have to be a consumaniac or or is there a lifestyle I can enjoy without being driven daily by shpping madness?
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