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Autors:Miriam O'Donoghue, Gregor Torka, Helen Maguire and Lenka Muzickova Formāts:.pdf
Autors:Giedrė Sudniutė Formāts:.pdf
Autors:Statens Medieråd Formāts:Tīmekļa saite
Resource site with work materials, links to the curricula, external links The use of the Internet on mobile phones is increasing rapidly. Social media is the most common Internet activity among teenagers. Meanwhile, news consumption has increased and the attitude to the news has become more positive.
Autors:Forbrukerombudet Formāts:Tīmekļa saite
Resource site on PR directed towards children and teenagers Children find it more difficult than adults to understand what advertising is and to know when they are being subjected to advertising. It is therefore set stricter requirements for advertising that is directed at children, which can e.g. abuse right of children or which are of particular interest to children.
Autors:Datatilsynets blogg om personvernsspørgsmål Formāts:Tīmekļa saite
Ready to use blogg If you are on the internet - at school and nursery school sites, the sites sports or theater groups, on blogs or social media like Instagram and Facebook - abound of images of children in all possible situations. Nice pictures from everyday life of children in all circumstances. And it can be both very well.
Autors:Nasjonal digital læringsarena (NDLA) Formāts:Tīmekļa saite
Ready-to-use learning resources for copy rights and data protection, consumer studies Data problems can be annoying when you experience them on your PC at home, but they can get much larger and more serious consequences when they happen within a company. How prepared are you?
Autors:Undervisningsministeriet Formāts:Tīmekļa saite
Ready-to-use learning resources for copy rights and data protection, consumer studies The purpose of this common professional course is to build students' science skills in general and their skills and knowledge in food and digestive based on a burger.
Autors:Undervisningsministeriet Formāts:Tīmekļa saite
This resource is a questionnaire - ready to be use - on the theme Data Protection Social media use and Internet safety. How do you use the Internet, developed by Digital Formation. Through various exercises forced students to reflect on how they relate to their digital identity and conduct.
Autors:Center for Digital Pædagogik Formāts:Tīmekļa saite
Ready-to-use learning resources for data protection, consumer studies "The digital media will be today as much for the students that they are an important part of their identity. By joining the fan groups on Facebook and blogging about their favorite part in X-Factor accounting students a digital mirror image of who they are. The idea behind the three scenarios is to tell students about the media's many possibilities in a positive way. At the same time pupils learn to steer clear of the behaviors that can affect their digital mirror unfortunate, but that is without raised pointing fi ngre. ""Digital Mirror"" has occurred at the initiative of the Telecommunications Industry and designed jointly by the children professional organizations Save the Children, Children's Rights, Digital Imaging, Media Council for Children and Youth and the Center for Digital Education with technical support of EMU editors, Agency for IT and Learning."
Autors:Board of online editors of Bundesverband Verbraucherzentralen Formāts:Tīmekļa saite,DVD,.pdf
The German Resources Compass on Consumer Education provides a huge amount of educational resources from Germany and Austria. Thes can be searched by subjec, theme or age group and are all described and rated by experts on consumer education. It comprises also a lot of commercial offers (books, multimedia tools, ...)
Autors:Klicksafe.de Formāts:Tīmekļa saite
The resource "Nicht alles, was geht, ist auch erlaubt! Downloaden, tauschen, online stellen – Urheberrecht im Alltag" is an additional module to the teachers guide"Know how for junge User". It presents a lot of well-researched and presented information about copyright and it provides ready-to-use worksheets for teachers.
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