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Consumer Classroom is een door de EU gefinancierde portaalsite, bestemd voor docenten overal in de EU om hen van educatief materiaal te voorzien voor het geven van consumentenvoorlichting.Meer informatie

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Auteur:AS Latvenergo Type bestand :Weblink
Awareness raising of the knowledge of electricity, and electrical safety as well as the ability to act in extraordinary situations. The resource is computer game, designed for children up to 16 year. The computer game for teachers offers imprtant advice regarding knowledge of electricity, and electrical safety as well as the ability to act in extraordinary situations. The whole resource can be downloaded.
Auteur:Latvijas Brīvā elektroenerģijas tirgus asociācija Type bestand :Weblink
In site You can find newest information about electricity trader offers. The resource is web page where teachers can find relevant information about electricity market (energy calculator; explain how comparison of offers works; use video about energy market) in Latvia.
Auteur:Artemisszió Alapítvány Type bestand :.pdf
"A hitel" In Globális felelősségvállalás tantárgyi keretek között, p.124 This chapter on Credit is part of a larger collection of lesson plans proposed to teachers so that they can include topics of global responsability in their teaching in class room. It is to be found in the section "mathematics", so it combines mathematical exercises with some very important learning points on Credit. Its approach is very pratical: students are demanded to make calculations in order to compare proposals of several banks. While solving the mathematical problems they learn the meaning of every day notions such as interest rate, compound interest, selling rate, etc. - essential to understand the basics of banking and to make financial decisions.
Auteur:Anne-Mai Helemäe Type bestand :Weblink
Auteur:Anne-Mai Helemäe Type bestand :Weblink
Auteur:Board of online editors of Bundesverband Verbraucherzentralen Type bestand :Weblink,DVD,.pdf
The German Resources Compass on Consumer Education provides a huge amount of educational resources from Germany and Austria. Thes can be searched by subjec, theme or age group and are all described and rated by experts on consumer education. It comprises also a lot of commercial offers (books, multimedia tools, ...)
0 Type bestand :Weblink
Ecology NGO website on sustainable production, circular economy and ecology The training material Sustainability and Ecology aimed at education in vocational education, specialisation: food for people. The intention is to integrate sustainability and ecology as a natural part of all teaching in both theory and practice
Auteur:Anne-Mai Helemäe Type bestand :.pdf
Auteur:Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST) Type bestand :Weblink
This webpage contains a complete set of resources to teach “The Consumer” module of the Junior Cycle Business Studies curriculum in Ireland. Resources include powerpoint presentations, worksheets, revision and assessment resources as well as internet links to other websites for further information. The resources would be of use to anyone teaching about consumer rights and protection. The webpage is a helpful collection of a varied range of resources, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the module requirements. The resources would be of use to anyone teaching about consumer rights and protection.
Auteur:Artemisszió Alapítvány Type bestand :.pdf
Ez a hitellel kapcsolatos fejezet a tanároknak készült óratervek gyűjteményének a részét képezi. Célja, hogy segítsen a tanároknak beszélgetést kezdeményezni az osztályukban a globális felelősségvállalásról. A „matematika” részhez kapcsolódik. Matematikai feladatokhoz hitellel kapcsolatos fontos pontokat társít. A módszer nagyon gyakorlatias: a diákoknak számításokat kell végezniük, hogy összehasonlítsák különböző bankok ajánlatait. Miközben megoldják a matematikai feladatokat, olyan mindennap használatos kifejezéseket tanulnak meg, mint amilyen a kamatláb, a kamatos kamat, az eladási árfolyam stb. Ezek mind alapvető banki ismeretek, és fontosak a pénzügyi döntésekhez.
0 Type bestand :Weblink
Uddannelsesmaterialet Bæredygtighed og økologi er rettet mod erhvervsuddannelsesemnet: mad til mennesker. Intentionen er at integrere bæredygtighed og økologi som en naturlig del af al undervisning, både i teori og praksis.
Auteur:Nuori Yrittäjyys ry Type bestand :Weblink
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