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Consumer Classroom is een door de EU gefinancierde portaalsite, bestemd voor docenten overal in de EU om hen van educatief materiaal te voorzien voor het geven van consumentenvoorlichting.Meer informatie

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In deze rubriek wordt relevante informatie over consumenteneducatie gegeven (nieuws, evenementen, publicaties, acties). Deze informatie komt vanuit diverse hoeken: nieuws over consumenteneducatie, informatie en links naar daaraan gerelateerde acties en nieuws over evenementen die geïnitieerd zijn door de Europese Commissie en door consumentenverenigingen over de hele wereld.

Consumer Classroom participates to the Educa event in Finland!

In 2017, the Consumer Classrooom will attend several key events around Europe to promote the project and present all the free online resources and interactive tools of the website.

The first event that the Consumer Classroom will attend is in Helsinki with Educa , from the 27 th to 28 th January 2017.

This event is Finland’s largest National Training Event for Educators. The 2017 program will be built around the title “Finland 100 years – Learning and civilisation”

This event is of major interest for Consumer Classroom, especially since Finland has officially included consumer education in schools’ curricula.

For more information, please check the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority’s page .

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byConsumer Classroom24/01/2017

Where are forests in Europe’s Sustainable Development Goals plans?

“In September 2015, after the largest consultation in the history of the United Nations, more than 150 world leaders agreed on a new agenda to “free the human race from the tyranny of poverty”.

The Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) lay out 17 universal goals, targets and indicators to frame the agendas and policies of UN member states for the next 15 years.

There is no doubt that forests should occupy a paramount role if the SDGs are to be achieved. Protecting forests means mitigating climate change. It means preserving vital biodiversity and terrestrial ecosystems. And it means improving the lives of the 1.6 billion people dependent on forests.

Until now, the EU has been a great defender of forests, particularly through its innovative Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) programme, and a major contributor to their destruction, largely through its consumption of agricultural products.”


For more information on the article, please click here

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byConsumer Classroom23/01/2017

Review your rights as consumers for the New Year with our Kit !

The Consumer Classroom Team has created a Learning Kit on Consumer Protection theme to allow you and your students to be prepared for the New Year!

The New Year is a great opportunity for everybody to review their rights as consumers and to begin the New Year well equipped to avoid unfair situation.  

This Kit is ready to be used and contains useful tips for your students to understand the issues, background information on the theme and National and European resources such as lesson plans, activities and quizzes based on the topic.

Download the New Year Kit in your language here!

The Consumer Classroom team wishes you a happy New Year!

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byConsumer Classroom16/01/2017

Miljökloka kontor

28/02/2017 - 01/03/2017

tisdag - onsdag, kl. 00:00 - 00:00

Ett antal offentliga kontorsbyggnader står på startfältet i tävlingen  Miljökloka kontor . Tävlingen startar 1 mars 2016. Genom riktade motiveringskampanjer ska kontorsbyggnader i sydost minska energianvändningen genom energisparåtgärder. Kampanjen pågår från mars 2016 till sista februari 2017.

Vad väntar du på?

Miljökloka kontor

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byConsumer Classroom16/01/2017