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Autor:Vodafone and The Diana Award Formato:Hiperligação web
Be Strong Online provides 10 modules which address many of the key issues in internet safety. They provide an opportunity for teachers and students to think together and develop their thoughts across the many varied online challenges and opportunities. Ten modules of PDF lesson plans and presentations which cover: Digital Detox; Power of Play; Social Media; Critical Thinking; Selfies and Self-Esteem; Peer Pressure online; Digital Footprint; My Digital Life; Coding & Creativity; Be Strong Online.
Autor:BBC Formato:Hiperligação web
Students at the St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy in Stoke-on-Trent share their experiences of the pressures of being online and what they've learnt from them. They talk openly and honestly about everything from risky dares to bullying and share some very moving and heartfelt personal stories. They also give advice for other young people who might be struggling with online pressures and bullying. Online videos, interviews and background information from the BBC, exploring issues of internet safety with secondary school students
Autor: Parents Association Step by Step Formato:Hiperligação web
The manual was developed within the project Delete cyberbullying that aims to provide information to teachers, children, young people and parents about the forms of electronic violence. Handbook for teachers contains a number of activities and lessons on specific topics related to the prevention of electronic violence This manual contains a number of activities or teaching units on specific issues related to cyberbullying. They are either directly related to cyberbullying (definition of how to react ...) or indirectly (protection of privacy, digital skills ...). To be able to adapt teaching interests, comments and questions of students, activities and teaching units are modular and can be used separately and in any order. It is recommended, however, to start the first activity on the definition of cyberbullying.
Autor:Agency for Protection of Personal Dana Formato:Hiperligação web
This brochure is for children and young people as a guide on how to behave and protect the Internet and social networks, and contains a number of tips and also the addition - a short glossary of Internet and advice for parents and teachers, school teachers and psychologists. Internet as a modern communication tool is a treasure trove of knowledge and inexhaustible source of various information, photos, applications, video clips, educational documents and materials. This brochure advises how to take advantage of the Internet in the form of acquiring new knowledge and skills, and on the other hand, not to be tractable and not ""just a click away"" on the content and applications that you take time and that may be malicious and harmful.
Autor:Agency for Protection of Personal Dana Formato:Hiperligação web
Film lasting 30 minutes was recorded on the protection of personal data. These are the false conclusion of subscriber contracts-identity theft, unauthorized use of personal data on health, inadequate protection of personal data and unauthorized disponiranje personal data, fake profiles on social networks, processing of personal data for marketing purposes and misuse of personal data of children and young people on the Internet. Using the Internet and social networks brings lots of positive things such as collecting a large number of useful information and news, learning and acquiring new knowledge and skills, while the other side is the risk and danger as a result of access to harmful information and inappropriate, and unwanted content, or due communication with strangers who may misrepresent, "steal" personal data or in any other way to be malicious. This educational film deals with all the examples of violations of data protection and possible solutions.
Autor:Europol, CyberCrime Bulgaria Formato:Hiperligação web
Online video about money mulin Video aiming to educate about the dangers money muling. It provide information about money mule transactions, 90% of which are linked to cybercrime. It warns on the dangers that illegally obtained money bring, as they often comes from phishing, malware attacks, on-line shopping/e-commerce fraud, payment card fraud (pcf), business e-mail compromise (bec) and on-line fraud, and others.
Autor:Cyber Crime Bulgraria, Pantallas Amigas Formato:Hiperligação web
Online video about sextortion Video aiming to educate about the dangers of sextortion: a form of sexual blackmail in which sexual images or video are used to extort money from others and force them to do things they wouldn't do. It is big business, a crime spreading worldwide.
Autor:SafeNet, Telenor Formato:Hiperligação web
Online toolkit on cyberbullying and dataprotection Online tutorial and toolkit about cyberbullying and cyber protection, including data protection. The material examines the main types of cyberbullying and cyberprotеction and raises awareness on its many different forms. It provides information on the online dangers to help prevent children getting into them in the future.
Autor:European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights , ECHR, CoE Formato:Hiperligação web
A handbook on EU legislation regarding data protection This Handbook is a comprehensive guide to European data protection law designed to familiarise people who are not specialised in the field of data protection with this area of law. It provides an overview of the Council of Europe’s and the European Union’s applicable legal frameworks and explains key jurisprudence of both the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union.
Autor:Commission for Protection of Personal Data - Bulgaria, ApTe, LIBRe Formato:
A series of 10 videos on the aspects to protect one's privacy in digital world We all love to surf in Internet and share the things that excite and entertain us from our everyday life. We know how interesting it is in cyberspace, however, among the many benefits a number of hazards hide in the cyber space. We don't really know who has access and reads and uses the the information we share about ourselves. This series of videoclips of the Commission for Personal Data Protection will help the students learn tips on how to protect themselves in Internet
Autor:Recycle Malta - Maroushka Zammit Formato:Hiperligação web
This is a voluntary facebook group for those wishing to reduce waste by recycling or upcycling items. This not-for-profit facebook group implements a prewaste recycling/upcycling initiative where items available or required are listed free of charge and no buying or selling is involved.
Autor:Voluntary organisation Formato:Hiperligação web
This short video describes the process of textile recycling as implemented by a Maltese voluntary association The ReFab Textile recycling video is useful as a tool to introduce the value of textiles recycling and the step-by-step process of its implementation by a Maltese voluntary organisation.
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