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How will Brexit happen, and how will it affect UK consumers?

So it’s happened. On Wednesday 29 March 2017 UK Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50, setting in train the formal process of Britain leaving the European Union. UK and EU citizens alike are facing into the unknown, as no other country has ever taken this step before.

If you are wondering what happens next, this short article on The Conversation website explains the process clearly: Article 50 triggered: here’s what happens now . In addition, the Citizenship Foundation has developed free teaching resources for use in assembly or as mini lesson-plans; read more about them and download them here: Article 50 day has arrived, what will you tell your students?

The independent UK consumer organisation Which? has a brief page on its website asking How will Brexit affect my consumer rights? They plan to update this page as the situation develops. But so far, there is not much to say: Brexit won’t actually happen before 2019 at the earliest, and unless the UK government decides to change the law, many rights will stay the same even after Britain has left the EU. Which? also has a Brexit: your questions answered page, which provides unbiased, expert advice on how Brexit might affect issues such as travel, property and other consumer questions.

On the morning after the EU referendum in June 2016, the UK’s well-known Money Saving Expert , Martin Lewis, recorded a quick video and wrote a blog with his initial thoughts on how Brexit would affect people financially. He’s now updated it for 2017 and, whilst quite long, it does make interesting reading: What Brexit means for your finances in 2017 . As with most situations which affect the money market, his counsel is: “ The most important thing to do is keep calm, carry on and act normal ”. And as we all look ahead along the unknown, untrodden path of Brexit, that’s probably the best advice for everyone to follow.


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