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Consumer Education Summer Books

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As everybody knows, Summer is time for holiday and holiday is time for catching up with all the readings we haven't accomplished during the rest of the year. For those that are insatiable readers like us and haven't decided yet which books to pack in their luggage, here's a list of MUST READs not to be missed to enjoy your holiday and sharpen your green consciousness .


Summer Book #1
Our first choice is a great book that opens our eyes on the tragedies hidden behind the fashion industry: To Die For  by Lucy Siegle sheds light on the dramatic lack of sustainability attached to every piece of clothing we put on in our daily life. A volume that each one of us should read to become an actual sustainable consumer and choose according to conscience rather than to mere popular trends. Enjoy!
Summer Book #2
The second book we chose for you is what you might need to keep you children busy while you take a rest in the sun or just to relax doing some manual work. Remake it!  by Tiffany Threadgould offers the most innovative ideas to reuse everything you would otherwise throw in the rubbish: you'll be surprised of what a brilliant mind and your hands can do! 
Summer Book #3
For those that crave to get deeper into the world of sustainability, this book cannot be missed. Cause and Effect: Visualizing Sustainability  by R. Klanten successfully attempts to fill the void of the way sustainability is visualized and communicated. Only thanks to creative and extremely innovative designs sustainability will get in everybody's mind! Yay!




Summer Book #4
J.H Crawford envisions in Carfree Cities  a brand new model of cities: free from noise, danger and cars, where no commute takes more than 35 minutes from door to door thanks to a fast, green and cheap transportation system. Utopia? Engage with this read to disentangle any puzzle you have!
Summer Book #5 
Are you looking for creative ideas to educate your children about healthy food? Mark Northeast has created the cutest dishes ever that no child can say no to! Funky Lunch: Happy Food for Happy Children  provides a set easy instructions and readings to make your meal cheerful and salutary. Bon appetit!


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Consumer Classroom is a collaborative website for teachers from across the EU. It provides high quality resources and interactive tools to equip 12 - 18 year olds with the practical consumer skills they need.
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