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5 Tips to Teach Sustainability

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Do you think sustainability is a primary issue in educating the new generations but you don't know how to efficiently tutor your students on the topic? Follow these five simple tips and make your class eco-friendly and responsible!


1. Be the example

(Artwork by Johnny Automatic)
First and foremost, a teacher needs to lead by example. Avoid every remark like Do as I say and not as I do . So, if you are to throw something away, make sure it's the right recycling bin!
2. Make your lessons more appealing
(Artwork by Frits Ahlefeldt)
Use movies and documentaries to introduce sustainability in a more exciting way to your students. Never underestimate the power of videos and music to get teenagers' attention!
3. Let the students feel part of the change
(Artwork by Frits Ahlefeldt)
Get kids involved so that they can truly feel how easy it is to enact sustainable behaviors. For teenagers, the easiest way to do it is to get them collaborate in the school garden - if you don't have any, that's the right time to create one!
4. Brainstorm with the kids
(Photo by Chiew Pang)
Engage students in projects and group discussions in which they have the chance to speak their mind about the topic of sustainability, fruitfully brainstorm, get analytical skills and learn to think in a problem-solving direction. You'll see how stimulated they will be to be more eco-sustainable!
5. Read the labels
(Photo by Alnatura)
Your are what you eat : make your students analyze what they eat during recess and lunch break, teach them the importance of reading labels and know what is inside our food. The road to sustainability starts from the table and our eating habits.
Stick to these suggestions and you'll provide a great contribution to your community by spreading the credo of sustainability to the younger generations!
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Consumer Classroom is a collaborative website for teachers from across the EU. It provides high quality resources and interactive tools to equip 12 - 18 year olds with the practical consumer skills they need.
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