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Consumer Classroom é um portal financiado pela UE concebido para providenciar a professores em toda a UE recursos para ensinar educação do consumidor.Ler mais

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Saúde e Educação Nutricional

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Autor:Consumer Classroom Formato:.pdf
This Lesson Kit made by Consumer Classroom develops the theme of Consumer Choice. It will give you the opportunity to teach your students to be more aware of their consumer choices. The Kit contains background information on the theme, Consumer Choice, and other resources such as lesson plans. Several classroom activities based on this topic are suggested in all the languages. Get ready for the new school year with Consumer Classroom!
Autor:Greenpeace Formato:Hiperligação web
Met de app Questionmark scan je hoe duurzaam producten zijn voor milieu, dierenwelzijn, mensenrechten of (volks)gezondheid. De opdracht met de app Questionmark is onderdeel van de digibordlessen ‘Tijd voor Duurzaam’. Dit lesmateriaal is ontwikkeld voor klas 1 t/m 3 van het vmbo, havo en vwo. Het gebruik van de app stimuleert het onderzoekend leren.
Autor:Afrodita Lupse Formato:.ppt
Autor: Viorica Maria Trut Formato:.ppt
Autor:Nestlé Portugal Formato:Hiperligação web,.swf,.pdf
NESTLÉ institutional portuguese site provides a lot of information and pedagogical activities for teachers about food education issues focused in young people (untill 12 years old) information needs. This site also have pedagogical tools to been use directly by children.
Autor:Board of online editors of Bundesverband Verbraucherzentralen Formato:Hiperligação web,DVD,.pdf
The German Resources Compass on Consumer Education provides a huge amount of educational resources from Germany and Austria. Thes can be searched by subjec, theme or age group and are all described and rated by experts on consumer education. It comprises also a lot of commercial offers (books, multimedia tools, ...)
0 Formato:Hiperligação web
Ecology NGO website on sustainable production, circular economy and ecology The training material Sustainability and Ecology aimed at education in vocational education, specialisation: food for people. The intention is to integrate sustainability and ecology as a natural part of all teaching in both theory and practice
Autor:Pavarti Formato:Hiperligação web
The website covers several areas to enhance the health awareness among the youth, positive social change, and personal growth. Teachers will find relevant and accurate information on the protection of their rights. The website features includes various information, campaigns, seminars, workshops and various social activities on consumer’s protection field and rising awareness and enhancing the social change and sustainable development.
Autor:Pavarti Formato:Hiperligação web
Spletno mesto je namenjeno ozaveščanju mladine o zdravju ter spodbujanju pozitivnih socialnih sprememb in osebne rasti. Učitelji bodo našli ustrezne in natančne informacije o zaščiti pravic potrošnikov. Spletno mesto vsebuje številne informacije, kampanje, seminarje, delavnice in različne družbene dejavnosti s področja varstva potrošnikov ter ozaveščanje o socialnih spremembah in trajnostnem razvoju.
0 Formato:Hiperligação web
Uddannelsesmaterialet Bæredygtighed og økologi er rettet mod erhvervsuddannelsesemnet: mad til mennesker. Intentionen er at integrere bæredygtighed og økologi som en naturlig del af al undervisning, både i teori og praksis.
Autor:Nuorisoasuntoliitto ry Formato:Hiperligação web
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