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Author:C2C Bizz - Interreg NWE Format:Weblink
C2C BIZZ is a project with the objective to enhance the im-plementation of circular economy system on new and existing business sites. There is a game where you can learn in a fun and easy way about the different steps involved the circular economy system in business process.
Author:Marketing Profs Format:Weblink
MarketingProfs provides online marketing resources and marketing know-how through its articles, guides, presentations, tools, podcasts, newsletters, etc. Many useful topics on current matters such as advertising, marketing strategy, Email marketing, social media and much more. The resource is not just an informative website, but the learner can also find there effective kits, presentations and pocasts.
Author:The Digital Post Format:Weblink
The Digital Post is not just another news site on technology-related topics. It features original insights from authoritative and influential actors. This website presents diversity of the views to the actual theme.
Author:Thomas Rau Format:Weblink
The video presents how our economy creates waste and as a consequence how the society has to change its perspective. The video explains the business model of consumption and how the collaborative consumption can facilitate relations between consumers and producers. How collaborative consumption can avoid waste and can be a sustainable business model
Author:Re-makers Format:Weblink
NGO website on circular economy. The concept of circular economy has been around for a long time, but what is the circular economy? In this inspirational book, you get the answer to that question. The book explains in a practical and inspiring way circular economy and shows how we all are winners with the smart new way to manage resources
0 Format:Weblink
Ecology NGO website on sustainable production, circular economy and ecology. The training material Sustainability and Ecology aimed at education in vocational education, specialisation: food for people. The intention is to integrate sustainability and ecology as a natural part of all teaching in both theory and practice
Author:Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority MCCAA Format:Weblink
This downloadable leaflet offers a quick overview of basic rights related to the purchase of goods and services as applicable to Malta. This leaflet introduces the basic rights related to the purchase of goods and services as applicable to Malta. Topics covered include: Fees for the use of means of payment, buying goods during ‘Sales’, buying ‘second-hand’ goods or ‘shop soiled’ goods, delivery of goods, returning unwanted goods, purchasing services, unsatisfactory service and deposits. The leaflet is ready to use as is and is a practical resource for students to find answers related to a set of questions, or to solve given problem situations or scenarios.
Author:Anne-Mai Helemäe Format:Weblink
Author:Mexus Education Pvt. Ltd. Format:Weblink
This animation introduces the learner to consumer protection, legal framework for consumer protection in India and various ways and means of consumer protection.
Author:Bank of Latvia Format:Weblink
Vizualizēts stāsts par naudaszīmju ražošanu, transportēšanu, uzglabāšanu, kvalitātes pārbaudi Latvijas Bankā un to piegādi klientiem.
Author:Bank of Latvia Format:Weblink
20. gs. vairākās valstīs bija smagi hiperinflācijas periodi. Piemēram, Vācijā no 1923. gada jūlija līdz novembrim inflācija sasniedza 854 milj. %. Hiperinflācijas rezultātā nauda strauji zaudē savu vērtību.
Author:Bank of Latvia Format:Weblink
Saskaņā ar Latvijas iedzīvotāju finanšu pratības stratēģijas 2014 – 2020 trīs definētajiem mērķiem mājsaimniecību finansēs, šajā gadā ir novērotas vairākas pozitīvas tendences. 
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