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Author:Financial Supervision Commission Format:Weblink,.pdf
The web-site offers to its visitors an interesting overview at their finances in terms of normal life events. What is good to know for them when we start a new job ... or ... when you buy a vehicle, or purchase new house ... or if they remembered that they participated in the mass privatization ...
Author:CensusAtSchool Format:Weblink,.pdf
Introduce students to the Census and in particular government spending.
Author:Bankas „Danske Bank“ Format:Weblink,.swf
„Misija: Pinigai“ – tai žaidimas, skirtas 10 – 15 metų moksleiviams. Žaidimo tikslas – kelti mokinių finansinio raštingumo lygį, kad ateityje jie galėtų savarankiškai ir atsakingai tvarkyti asmeninius finansus. Žaidimą sudaro 8 misijos, kurių metu vaikai siekia įgyvendinti konkrečius tikslus bei valdyti pinigus: taupyti, planuoti, sudaryti biudžetą, naudotis skirtingomis valiutomis, investuoti bei naudotis įvairiais finansiniais instrumentais. Žaidimas „Misija: Pinigai“ – tai taip pat ir galimybė išbandyti teorines žinias praktiškai. Vienoje žaidimo dalių, pavadintoje „Tikras planas“, moksleiviai gali kurti savo projektus ir taip tobulinti finansų valdymo įgūdžius. Šis edukacinis žaidimas yra ne tik savarankiško mokymosi priemonė vaikams, bet ir pagalbininkas mokytojams. Pasitelkdami šią programą mokytojai gali padėti vaikams suprasti, kas yra finansinis raštingumas bei kodėl jis yra svarbus. Ši mokymosi priemonė yra sudaryta iš įvairaus sudėtingumo su finansiniu raštingumu susijusių užduočių.
Author:IUS INFO Format:Weblink
We live in a society of consumer and every day we face with the purchase of certain products or services, whether they use the services of telecommunication networks or buy a bus ticket, bread or newspapers. Each purchaser or consumer with an obligation to pay and download things, and has certain rights. article reviews the most common violations of consumer rights.
Author:UNDP Croatia Format:Weblink,.pdf
Manuals and workbooks are useful in obtaining of new and the expansion of existing knowledge in the field of energy efficiency
Author:The Association for the Protection of Nature and the Environment Green Format:Weblink,.pdf
As a long-term result of this project we expect young people to adopt activism as a way of behavior and that the democratic principles of participation and continue to use, how to solve environmental problems, as well as in other segments of activity.
Author:Forum for Freedom in Education Format:Weblink
The author is a Forum for Freedom in Education. Represents research on the attitude of young people towards the media.
Author:Association Gong Format:Weblink
The right to information is one of the fundamental rights of consumers. However, the law on the right to access information is not enough to present to the public and is not performed often.
Author:Ministry of Internal Affairs Format:Weblink
Written by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Croatian. The material consists of 17 short video presentation that warn of the dangers of everyday traffic.
Author:SB film Format:Weblink
Documentary material informs about the protection of personal data, the violence on the Internet and the dangers of the Internet.
Author:Centre for education and informing consumers Format:Weblink
Video material focuses on misleading advertising in the media directed to young people.
Author:Association of Consumer Protection Croatia Format:Weblink
Author's Association, the Society for Consumer Protection Croatia. Materijal promotes financial literacy and ways of saving in the household.
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