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Author:Banca d'Italia Format:Weblink,.swf,.pdf
Economia is a serious game in which the player has real responsibility to help him understand how monetary policy works.
Author:National Consumer Agency Format:Weblink,.swf
The Online Buying quiz will test how much the user knows about their rights when shopping online.
Author:Money Advice and Budgeting Service and St John of God Carmona Services Format:Weblink
MoneyCounts is an educational tool designed to facilitate the learning of practical money management skills.
Author:National Consumer Agency Format:Weblink
The Budget Planner can be used to work out income and expenditure.
Author:National Consumer Agency Format:Weblink
The Shop Smart game is set in a virtual shopping centre where players can test their consumer knowledge of everyday shopping scenarios, from buying a video game to returning faulty goods.
Author:Banque centrale européenne Format:Weblink
Economia is a serious game that explains, in a simplified manner, the operation of monetary policy.
Author:The Welsh Assembly Format:Weblink
The National Assembly for Wales is the democratically elected body that represents the interests of Wales and its people, makes laws for Wales, and holds the Welsh Government to account. The Assembly is made up of 60 Assembly Members from across Wales. They are elected by the people of Wales to represent them and their communities.
Author:The Scottish Parliament Format:Weblink,.pdf
The Scottish Parliament is the devolved national unicameral legislature of Scotland. The Parliament is a democratically elected body comprising of member known as Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs).
Author:Julie Felshaw, Economics/Financial Education Specialist, Career and Technical Education Format:Weblink,.pdf
Financial and Economic Concepts: loans and borrowing money, including interest, credit card debt, predatory lending and payday loans.
Author:Council for Economic Education Format:Weblink,.swf
EconEdLink is the leading source of online economic & personal finance lessons & resources for educators, students and afterschool providers.
Author:Irish Banking Federation Format:Weblink
The ATM interactive activity simulates using an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine).
Author:Irish Banking Federation Format:Weblink
The Budget Application is an interactive budgeting tool.
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