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Consumer Studies

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Author:Consumer Classroom Format:.pdf
This lesson kit made by Consumer Classroom provides you with important background information and practical exercises for your students to understand what are personal data and how to protect them. This lesson plan will make students reflect about the issues related to data protection. Students will have to discuss what are personal data and who collects them, discovering what are their rights and thinking about the best practices for protecting personal data in real life cases, especially online.
Author:Consumer Classroom Format:.pdf
This Lesson Kit made by Consumer Classroom provides you with important background information and practical exercises for your students to understand how the sharing economy works in comparison to the traditional one. This lesson kit will make students reflect about the opportunities and the issues related to sharing economy. Students will have to organize a trip and an excursion comparing two different ways of doing it: the traditional economy and sharing economy.
Author:Consumer Classroom Format:.pdf
This Lesson Kit made by Consumer Classroom develops the theme of Consumer Choice. It will give you the opportunity to teach your students to be more aware of their consumer choices. The Kit contains background information on the theme, Consumer Choice, and other resources such as lesson plans. Several classroom activities based on this topic are suggested in all the languages. Get ready for the new school year with Consumer Classroom!
Author:Kodolányi János Főiskola Format:Weblink
A fogyasztói döntés közgazdasági megközelítése A fogyasztói döntések közgazdasági megközelítése, kapcsolódó fogalmakkal és grafikákkal
0 Format:Weblink
A fogyasztói döntés elemzése. A fogyasztói döntések elemzése, kapcsolódó fogalmakkal és grafikákkal
Author:Sulinet Format:Weblink
A fogyasztói magatartás és kereslet. Áttekintés a fogyasztói magatartásról és keresletről, a témához kapcsolódó fogalmakkal, feladatokkal és jegyzetekkel.
Author:centre for education and informing consumers Format:.pdf
What defines an active consumer? Active consumer chooses the manufacturer, product quality, look for timely and accurate information. For active consumer role in the selection of products not only play price, very imporatnt is resistant quality. Presentation is about consumers' choice and give concrete examples. There are a number of stakeholders that influence consumers when choosing products. Most often it is the social impact, the impact of advertising on the decision, the impact the families making eating habits and the impact of educational institutions to create a high level of awareness. The presentation processed concrete examples and comparisons between active and passive consumers. It can stimulate discussion with your students about the respective category-whether active or passive consumers?
Author:Centre for education and informing consumere, Health centre Vibra Format:.pdf
While the world's nearly one billion people are underweight and a billion hungry, the rest of the human population consumes its own and other people's resources. Disturbing the figures on the amount of food thrown away daily on the other hand, every day becomes questionable quality and safety of food we consume. Why is that so? How to focus the community in the context of a sustainable economy; that creates high-quality and healthy and used locally, what is the role of each individual in the process are key aspects are that reflects this research. Research work deals with the issue of limited resources, the role and choice of consumers when buying food products. As part of the research we analyzed the spending habits of people on a sample of 122 respondents using a questionnaire consisting of 14 questions. How often decide to buy organic products? How big a role has the price in selecting? Do we know what is fair trade? The work can be basis for discussion with students on this subject.
Author:Bundjungen, ZaZemiata, EcoCentric, National Students Parliament Format:.pdf
Handbook for trainers to guide lessons on sustainable and responsible consumption This toolkit aims to give the teachers and trainers inspirations and examples on how to design (international) educational activities around the issue of responsible consumption and sustainable lifestyles, e.g. city tours, work-camps, seminars, school partnerships, etc. The methods can be used individually or connected to design a full programme or programme parts. The methods are ordered regarding general phases of group dynamics and programme designing.
Author:Miriam O'Donoghue, Gregor Torka, Helen Maguire and Lenka Muzickova Format:.pdf
Author:Miriam O'Donoghue, Gregor Torkar, Helen Maguire, Victoria W. Thoresen, Nuno Melo, Lenka Muzickova Format:.pdf
Author: Format:Weblink
Zloženka ozavešča in informira mladostnike o ukrepih, ki zmanjšujejo zlorabo osebnih podatkov na socialnih omrežjih. Kratko, a izčrpno predstavi ključne nasvete, ki jih moramo upoštevati pri tovrstnih aktivnostih. Zloženka ozavešča in informira mladostnike o ukrepih, ki zmanjšujejo nevarnost zlorabe osebnih podatkov v socialnih omrežjih. Kratko, a izčrpno predstavi vse ključne nasvete, ki jih moramo upoštevati, kadar aktivno sodelujemo v internetnih socialnih omrežjih in ko prijavljamo morebitne zlorabe . Učni vir je odlična iztočnica za diskusije in izmenjavo osebnih izkušenj. Lahko ga nadgradimo s študijem primera.
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