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Consumer Studies

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Author:Butler, F., Gottschau, J., Gunnlaugsdottir, S. A., Gudmundsdottir, S., Jepson, M., Esel, N. M., O'Donoghue, M., Piscopo, S., Torkar, G. Format:.pdf
Author:Sacha de Raaf Format:.pdf
Author:Lektionsbanken Format:Weblink
Large free Learning resource website with lessons on consumer rights in retail financial services and consumer studies. Lesson Bank consists of teachers tip attached to Lpfö 98 and substances curricula in Lgr 11. Before the tips published yesterday a teacher through them to see that they are okay to outsource. You can use the tips of your tuition and activities how you want. No login is required and it's completely free
0 Format:Weblink
Swedish Consumer Authority website for schools. Most publications are available as downloadable PDF files. Do you download, you get access to the material directly. Individuals can order our personal financial materials. Magazine Hello parent, smådelscylindrar and "Securing the child-material" can be downloaded from the municipal consumer guidance or a child health center. Hantverkarmaterialet can be downloaded from the municipal consumer guidance, or in the larger construction department stores
Author: Viorica Maria Trut Format:.ppt
Author:Direção Geral do Consumidor Format:Weblink
The site "Portal do Consumidor" is one's of the best references in Portuguese sites about consumer rights and citizen education. It was launched by Direção Geral do Consumidor, the reference organ in Portugal about consumer protection. The site doesn't provide specific pedagogical tools but is enriched with all kind of information interesting to consumer, focus transversal subjects. The major pedagogical sources in this site are specially brochures and small books, available for different ages and about all the important subjects that the consumer should be aware.
Author:Nasjonal kommunikasjonsmyndighet Format:Weblink
Dette er et statlig nettsted for forbrukerbeskyttelse: Nettstedet gir informasjon, råd og veiledning om sikrere bruk av internett. Informasjonen er både rettet mot forbrukere og små og mellomstore bedrifter.
Author:ECC-Net Italia Format:.pdf
"The resource is a thematic guide about e-commerce. The resource explains how online shopping works with an emphasis on laws, consumer rights and possible traps like buying counterfeit goods or scam. The resource is a ready-to-use presentation, can be usefull to deep understanding the e-commerce topic, with reference to law and consumer rights."
Author:Netcomm. Il consorzio del Commercio Elettronico Italiano Format:.pdf
"The resource is a thematic guide about e-commerce, a downloadable or printable booklet with short and simple texts accompanied by images. The resource explains the various steps of an online purchase with an emphasis on the rights of the consumer and warranty forms: site selection, payment, delivery and ""money back"" clause. The resource can be usefull for teacher because it is a ready-to-use presentation to introduce the e-commerce topic with students."
Author:European consumer center Croatia Format:Weblink,.pdf
European legislation provides protection to consumers when purchasing via the Internet from retailers based in another country of the European Union, Iceland or Norway. Before buying a product, read helpful tips and learn about their rights;" Young people often are not aware of their rights regarding violations of their rights when buying via the internet. This guide explains how to protect your rights as a consumer. Before buying a product, read helpful tips and learn about your rights. For example in the case when buying over the Internet in the European Union, you have the right to return the purchased product within 14 days and get a refund. You do not even need to explain why you changed your mind. The right to return the goods gives you the opportunity to check out the product in the same way as you would done the purchase in a shop."
Author:Ministry of economy Format:Weblink
"Whenever a product is marketed as a therapeutic - To cure allergies, prevents hair loss, helps weight loss, etc., - have a right to know whether it is scientifically confirmed. misleading advertising and other unfair practices are prohibited in the EU." "Trade practices are everything a trader does to encourage consumers to purchase. This includes advertising, marketing, reseller methods and incentive offers. The trader must be fair and act in good faith when he tries to sell something. He must not seek to influence the consumers' decisions so that his pratices doesn't harm the consumers' economic interest. Croatian :Trgovačka praksa je sve što trgovac radi kako bi Vas privukao da nešto kupite. To uključuje reklamiranje, marketing, prodavačke metode i poticajne ponude. Trgovac mora biti pošten i djelovati u dobroj vjeri kada Vam pokušava nešto prodati. Ne smije pokušavati utjecati na Vaše odluke tako da šteti Vašem ekonomskom interesu."
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