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Author:Valorplast Format:Weblink
The company of plastic recycling "Valorplast" offers on its website a space dedicated to teachers, in order to discover the history of plastics, how are produced and processed plastics in many objects of daily life, and how contribute to act for protection of environment.
Author:European Commission funded material Format:.pdf,.doc / .docx,.zip
Do you need services offered by local councils?
Author:Die Emweltberodung Lëtzebuerd a.s.b.l. Format:Weblink
This is a quiz on the environment, suitable for the lower years of secondary education. Themes such as energy, climate and sustainability make the students think about the problems our society is facing and they reflect on their own role as consumers.
Author:Fost plus Format:Weblink,.pdf
Da's proper! is an educational workshop on waste management for students in the higher years of secondary education. Diverse topics are discussed such as sorting rules, recycling, prevention, reuse, sustainable development and legislation.
Author:Plan de educación Financiera. CNMV y Banco de España Format:Weblink
The guide contains reference material to work essential concepts in our daily lives as saving, personal budgeting, quality of life, the cost of things and responsible consumption.
Author:The Danish Consumer Agency Format:Weblink
Quiz - Know Your Rights - Test yourself Find out if you are prepared to go shopping on "SALE" or to have your christmas presents exchanged. Are there holes in your knowledge ? Are you well equipped ?
Author:Direção Geral de Inovação e Desenvolvimento Curricular Format:Weblink
The site Seguranet, launch by Education Ministery organization, provides lot of ready-to-use activities about internet security, issue so important in nowadays, specially for young people where technological devides are a strong atraction.
Author:Financial Supervision Authority, Velvet Digital Paper Format:Weblink,.pdf
All games and quizzes test the players knowledge on budgeting, planning and financial services via real life situations.
Author:Financial Supervision Authority, Velvet Digital Paper Format:Weblink,.pdf
The interactive board game "Money Circus" will test your knowledge about money matters.
Author:Financial Supervision Authority, Velvet Digital Paper Format:Weblink,.swf,.pdf
In the interactive board game "Oliver Decides" there are ten financial situations are presented, where the player can make his choice.
Author:Hampshire Trading Standards Format:Weblink,.pdf,.ppt
These are several power point presentations on matters related to Consumer Choice, adapted to teenargers.
Author:Ulster Bank Ireland Format:Weblink,.pdf
Understanding Debt on Money Sense is a visually stimulating environment for your students with a lot of different types of sub-resources on debt.
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