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Author:Habitat & Rénovation, Une Maison en plus et le Service Energie de la Fédération des Services Sociaux. Avec le soutien de Bruxelles Environnement. Format:.pdf
"La première étape pour maîtriser ses consommations, c'est de les comprendre. Cet outil illustre ce que signifient l'URE et l'efficience énergétique The first step to master our own consumptions is to understand them. This tool illustrate what means rational energy use and energetic efficiency." "L'outil comporte un carnet de l'animateur et un jeu composé de fiches à imprimer. Le jeu peut être utilisé de différentes manières en fonction du public, du temps disponible et des sujets que l’enseignant souhaite aborder. Il peut servir de base à une discussion, à l'apprentissage de concepts scientifiques ou techniques, ou encore à une réflexion sur notre impact sur l'environnement. Le jeu est composé de 43 fiches réparties en 5 thèmes : petits électroménagers, gros électroménagers, éclairage, eau et TV-Hifi-PC. Il n’est pas nécessaire d’utiliser l’ensemble des fiches bien, c'est donc un outil flexible. This tool is composed by a pedagogical guide and a printable version of a game. The game could be used in different ways, depending on the targeted group, time available and subjects the teacher wishes to address. The uses can be a basis for discussion, learning scientific or technical concepts, or reflecting our environmental impact. They are 43 cards, divided in 5 themes : small appliances, major appliances, lighting, water and TV-Hifi-PC. It is not necessary to use all the cards, meaning it's an adaptative tool."
Author:C2C Bizz - Interreg NWE Format:Weblink
C2C BIZZ is a project with the objective to enhance the im-plementation of circular economy system on new and existing business sites. There is a game where you can learn in a fun and easy way about the different steps involved the circular economy system in business process.
Author:Frederik Hermund Format:Weblink
This serious game simulates some of the real-world mechanisms that cause and sustain poverty in 3rd World countries.
Author:Maria Capone e Liliana Moretti
Author:Amalia Simicin Format:.ppt
Author:Humanus Associação Humanidades Format:Weblink
Um jogo lúdico-didáctico sobre igualdade de género, sexualidade responsável, prevenção de consumo de drogas, alimentação saudável e actividade física/desporto | A recreational and educational game about gender equality, responsible sexuality, prevention of drug use, healthy diet and physical activity / sport.
Author:Centro de Competência Malha Atlântica, Centro de Competência TIC da ESE de Santarém Format:Weblink
Um conhecimento simples e dinâmico sobre o uso seguro da Internet e do PC. | A simple and dynamic knowledge (s) about the safe use of the Internet and the PC.
Author:The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority Format:Weblink
Author:The Federation of Finnish Financial Services Format:Weblink is a web based learning environment/game for young people to learn financial literacy.
Author:ČEZ Format:Weblink
Author:Göteborgs stad (City of Gothenburg) Format:Weblink
Vem bär ansvaret? is a game about how goods consumed in Sweden is often produced by unethical and environmentally damaging practices. Topics covered include democracy, consumer power, fairness and trade issues.
Author:Tralalere Format:Weblink,.swf
National program of raising awareness to the risks and stakes in Internet.
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