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Consumer Classroom este un portal cu finanţare europeană. Oferă profesorilor resurse pentru predarea educaţiei consumatorilor.Citeşte mai multe

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Autor:Anne-Mai Helemäe Format:Link
Autor:Anne-Mai Helemäe Format:Link
Autor:Kari Hillesland Format:Link
Autor:Maria Mankinen Format:Link
0 Format:Link
Ministerial website - a quiz based interactive learning on consumer studies, health and nutritional education. Hannas house and the hidden dangers is a simple online tool, ready to use in science for students in 2nd and 5th-7th. Year. The purpose of the tool is to highlight the dangers of hazardous chemicals and how to use chemicals safely. Hannas house introduces the nine pictograms used for labeling of chemicals for students. The nine pictograms replaces the old hazard symbols that have previously been used for labeling of chemicals. Students will gain a better understanding of that there are various risks associated with the storage and use of chemicals.
Autor:Projeto DECOJovem - DECO Format:Link
Quizz que funciona como jogo interativo|Quiz that works as interactive game
Autor:Anne-Mai Helemäe Format:Link
Autor:Anne-Mai Helemäe Format:Link
Autor:National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux Format:.pdf
Autor:FCT-DGE-FCCN-IPDJ Format:Link
Testes para testar os conhecimentos sobre o uso seguro da Internet e do PC. | Quizzes to test knowledge about the safe use of the Internet and the PC.
Autor:SIGRE Medicamento y Medio Ambiente, S.L. Format:Link
Sigrelandia born as an educational tool to raise awareness among students of the last cycle of Primary Education of the need for responsible use of medicines and properly recycle waste and packaging.
Pentru informaţii suplimentare privind pictogramele din dreptul fiecărei resurse, vă rugăm să consultaţi ghidul nostru despre pictogramele resurselor
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