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Autor:Consumer Classroom Format:.pdf
This lesson kit made by Consumer Classroom provides you with important background information and practical exercises for your students to understand what are personal data and how to protect them. This lesson plan will make students reflect about the issues related to data protection. Students will have to discuss what are personal data and who collects them, discovering what are their rights and thinking about the best practices for protecting personal data in real life cases, especially online.
Autor:Consumer Classroom Format:.pdf
This Lesson Kit made by Consumer Classroom provides you with important background information and practical exercises for your students to understand how the sharing economy works in comparison to the traditional one. This lesson kit will make students reflect about the opportunities and the issues related to sharing economy. Students will have to organize a trip and an excursion comparing two different ways of doing it: the traditional economy and sharing economy.
Autor:Consumer Classroom Format:.pdf
This Lesson Kit made by Consumer Classroom develops the theme of Consumer Choice. It will give you the opportunity to teach your students to be more aware of their consumer choices. The Kit contains background information on the theme, Consumer Choice, and other resources such as lesson plans. Several classroom activities based on this topic are suggested in all the languages. Get ready for the new school year with Consumer Classroom!
Autor:Konsumentenfragen Format:Link
Dieses Toolkit handelt vom persönlichen Kaufverhalten. Es deckt verschiedenste Bereiche ab, wie Beeinflusung durch Werbung, Ressourcenverwendung, Produktionswege, Arbeitsbedingungen und Transportfragen. Es beinhaltet einerseits Informationen aber auch Fragen und Diskussionen. Die Arbeitsmaterialien können sofort eingesetzt werden und sind als PDF herunterladbar.
Autor:Konsumentenfragen Format:.pdf
Dieses Toolkit handelt vom Onlineshoppingverhalten. Es erläutert die Gefahren des Onlineshoppings und bereitet eine große Anzahl an Informationen vor. Abgerundet wird dies mit Diskussionen und Aufgaben. Die Arbeitsmaterialiensammlung ist sofort nutzbar und kann als PDF heruntergeladen werden.
Autor:bpd Format:Link
Diese Arbeitsmaterialien handeln von Verbraucherverhalten in Relation zu den Produktionsbedingungen. Schüler werden angehalten, sich mit ihrem eigenen Konsumverhalten auseinanderzusetzen. Die Materialien können als PDF heruntergeladen werden.
Autor:Consumer Classroom Format:.pdf
The Travel Kit is a ready to use resource designed to provide students and teachers with key information to prepare their holidays this summer and better understand their consumer rights abroad. When travelling to a different country, it is very important to understand your consumer rights abroad. Consumer Classroom have prepared this short pack of useful resources that you can teach or print out for your students before school ends for this summer season.
Autor:Miriam O'Donoghue, Gregor Torka, Helen Maguire and Lenka Muzickova Format:.pdf
Autor:Miriam O'Donoghue, Gregor Torkar, Helen Maguire, Victoria W. Thoresen, Nuno Melo, Lenka Muzickova Format:.pdf
Autor:Victoria W. Thoresen and Miriam O'Donoghue Format:.pdf
Autor:INCIBE Format:Link
Internet Security for Kids (IS4K), is the website of the new Internet Security Center for children in Spain, which emerges with the purpose of promoting the safe and responsible use of the Internet and new technologies by children and adolescents. In addition, to help their families and educators in everything related to the safety of such children on the Internet. Internet Segura for Kids (IS4K), es el nuevo Centro de Seguridad en Internet para menores en España, que surge con el propósito de promocionar el uso seguro y responsable de Internet y las nuevas tecnologías por parte de niños y adolescentes. Además, ayudar a sus familias y educadores en todo lo relacionado con la seguridad de dichos menores en Internet. Includes: The information you need to know about privacy, school cyberbullying, sexting, inappropriate content, parental mediation, safe use and configuration, etc. Articles of interest and topicality in our blog, including for example tips for the first mobile or ideas to use social skills to prevent problems on the Internet. Guides and games about the main risks of the Internet, as well as tools for parental control and other useful resources for families and educators. Information on awareness programs for the safe and responsible use of the Internet by minors. Incluye: La información que necesitas saber sobre privacidad, ciberacoso escolar, sexting, contenido inapropiado, mediación parental, uso y configuración segura, etc. Artículos de interés y actualidad en nuestro blog, incluyendo por ejemplo consejos para el primer móvil o ideas para utilizar las habilidades sociales para prevenir problemas en Internet. Guías y juegos sobre los principales riesgos de Internet, y también herramientas de control parental y otros recursos de utilidad para familias y educadores. Información sobre programas de sensibilización para un uso seguro y responsable de Internet por los menores.
Autor: Format:.pdf
Dieses Toolkit handelt von Privatsphäre im Internet und erlaubt die Diskussion und Reflexion des eigenen Onlineverhaltens und der dahinter stehenden Risiken. Diese Sammlung an Arbeitsmaterialien ist eines der wichtigsten Dokumente zum Thema Datensicherheit in Österreich. Lehrer können es direkt nutzen, es enthält viele Diskussionsfragen und ARbeitsblätter. Die Ressource ist herunterladbar als PDF.
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