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Autor:Lektionsbanken Format:Link
Large free Learning resource website with lessons on consumer rights in retail financial services and consumer studies. Lesson Bank consists of teachers tip attached to Lpfö 98 and substances curricula in Lgr 11. Before the tips published yesterday a teacher through them to see that they are okay to outsource. You can use the tips of your tuition and activities how you want. No login is required and it's completely free
0 Format:Link
Swedish Consumer Authority website for schools. Most publications are available as downloadable PDF files. Do you download, you get access to the material directly. Individuals can order our personal financial materials. Magazine Hello parent, smådelscylindrar and "Securing the child-material" can be downloaded from the municipal consumer guidance or a child health center. Hantverkarmaterialet can be downloaded from the municipal consumer guidance, or in the larger construction department stores
Autor:European Commission, Directorate-General for Competition Format:Link
This comic strip helps students to get a clearer understanding of how the EU acts to ensure a fair and competitive market in Europe.
Autor:Direção Geral do Consumidor Format:Link
The site "Portal do Consumidor" is one's of the best references in Portuguese sites about consumer rights and citizen education. It was launched by Direção Geral do Consumidor, the reference organ in Portugal about consumer protection. The site doesn't provide specific pedagogical tools but is enriched with all kind of information interesting to consumer, focus transversal subjects. The major pedagogical sources in this site are specially brochures and small books, available for different ages and about all the important subjects that the consumer should be aware.
Autor:SchoolTV Format:Link
"This short video give in 3 minutes an overview on consumersrights in the Netherlands. Usable as a short introduction in the theme. Deze video geeft in 3 minuten een kort overzicht over hoe consumentenrechten in Nederland zijn geborgd. Goed als eerste introductie met het onderwerp."
Autor:Institut National de la Consommation / Education et Numérique Format:Link
Your students will understand better how to find the information on the Internet and be critical. This resource is ready-to-use and explains in simple terms how the consumer can be vigilant in consumption in the Internet.
Autor:Institut National de la Consommation / Education et Numérique Format:Link
Your students will understand better how to find the information on the Internet and be critical.
Autor:Institut National de la Consommation / Education et Numérique Format:Link
Thanks to this resource your students will learn to understand better the advertising practices and especially to read the labels of the products in order to be more aware while buying.
Autor:Kilpailu- ja kuluttajavirasto (FCCA) Format:Link
Autor:Hellenic Ministry of Education Format:Link
Lessons without frontiers with digital educational content
Autor:Hellenic Ministry of Education (Konstantinos Apostolopoulos, Evangelia Georgitsogianni, Anastasia Kanelou, Anna Saiti, Despoina Sdrali, Diamanto Triadi Format:Link,.pdf
The Institute of Education is an independent public service that was established in 1964. It is the oldest public authority that acts as a consultant to education issues to the Hellenic Ministry of Education.
Autor:Anne-Mai Helemäe Format:Link
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