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Teaching Internet Safety, E Safety and Cyber Bullying Prevention

Some people call them digital natives but you would rather keep calling them your pupils or students. Nevertheless, the new generation of pupils are spending a significant amount of time online, specifically using social media (mostly Facebook and Twitter). How should you adapt your teaching? Do you need to?  What new set of skills should you develop? Does the digital world require digital literacy?

With new technologies, new opportunities emerge as well as new threats and risks. Most teachers now believe that specific attention should be dedicated to internet safety or prevention of cyber bullying on social media. Consumer Classroom has gathered a collection of pedagogical tools and resources to be implemented in the classroom. By using our lesson planning tools you can create custom lessons around the topics of internet safety and prevention of cyber bullying.


Internet Safety & E Safety

How can you safely use the Google search engine in a pedagogical context? When browsing the web for appropriate information or knowledge your pupils might encounter inappropriate content or questionable sources of information, if not worse. Pretty much as one has to learn how to behave on the road, navigating safely on the web requires a new set of skills. Discover the selection of teaching resources to educate internet safety in the classroom!


Cyber Bullying Prevention

A vast majority of European teenagers are using social networks to communicate and digitally socialize with their friends. Facebook, Twitter but also new networks as Snapchat or are incredibly popular but not without risk. How can one protect their privacy online? What are the rules of an appropriate behaviour in a public place? What are the rights and duties of a teenager using a social network? Many teachers have to tackle these pedagogical challenges. Find a selection of free pedagogical tools to prevent cyber bullying in the classroom!


E Safety tips

The digital world is not a lawless world. Some rules apply and some rights can be enforced. Learn about practical safety tips that you can share with your pupils and students. Consumer Classroom has, from most European countries, pedagogical resources providing e-safety tips to educate to a safer internet.


Join teachers discussion on teaching with social media

Social networks are the same all across Europe. Find out how your colleagues deal with the use of social networks in schools. Find the solution and the case for the integration of Facebook or Twitter in the school; join the discussion on our  forum !


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