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Teaching Sustainable Consumption, Global Warming and Climate Change

All across Europe, sustainable development has become part of the curriculum, with sustainable consumption as a key component in this new educational challenge.

How can you be successful in implementing appropriate resources and new pedagogical practices in your classroom? How can you teach global warming, climate change and engage your pupils to become better consumers?

The 21 st  century consumers will act differently and make different choices in their daily life, if they deeply understand what is at stake and how it connects to their own situation. Consumer classroom aims at providing teachers with a selection of appropriate pedagogical resources for teachers in the field of sustainable consumption. Contribute to a more sustainable world by educating better consumers.


Sustainable Consumption for schools

Sustainable development is not a regular course. For instance, one has to understand the underlying facts and knowledge behind global warming. But knowledge is not enough; action is also required. Sustainable consumption starts at home or in schools.

Turn knowledge into action with the selection of resources that match your curriculum. Find new ideas and activity based resources and engage your school in a sustainable management of its resources.


Teaching Global Warming & Climate Change

Most of the media focus deals with issues relating to global warming or climate change. It makes a lot of sense to start with what kids might have heard in the news to jump-start an educational journey towards more sustainable consumer behaviours. In the Consumer Classroom pedagogical teaching resources bank, you can find appropriate resources and lesson planning tools to teach climate change.


Join teachers and experts discussion on Sustainable Development pedagogy

Take advantage of a unique pan European educational community to enlarge your vision. Find new teaching ideas, exchange your classroom experience and ask your colleagues or experts for help! Join the discussion forum for more ideas and knowledge! Visit our Experts' Blog !


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